Corporations and Establishments

Corporations and establishments is about Montreal boroughs information employment and about cities information employment.

Small establishments but also average or large establishments primarily engaged in commercial activities that each have their own hiring procedures and management styles.

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Small Establishments

The leader of small establishments businesses of 2 to 50 employees is usually the manager or the owner.

This president person is often responsible for all the administrative services and typically interviews and hires new employees.

In this type of establishments businesses, job descriptions are not always written or specific, and workers are expected to be versatile in their functions.

Average Establishments

In average establishments businesses of 50 to 300 employees, management is done by several managers responsible for administration, accounting, marketing, production and sales, but not necessarily for human resources.

In many situations, job seekers must contact the manager of the department of their choice, the one that may require their services.

In this type of establishments businesses, job descriptions are organized according to the tasks and the functions of the workers.

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Large Establishments

In large establishments businesses of 300 employees and more, an organization chart that indicates the range of the  administrative functions of all the departments and services is usually available.

In this type of establishments businesses, there is always a human resources department but its role may vary for from one establishment to another.

Human resources are usually responsible for recruiting and selecting, while department managers are often responsible for interviewing and hiring new employees.

Definition of Establishment

A best establishment definition or, more precisely, a synonym pertaining to corporations and establishments and to Montreal Business Kit would be business organizations

Profit business organizations that offer business and professional products and services to customers and nonprofit establishments that provide programs and services to various types of communities.

In Montreal interesting career jobs and job offers can be found in various business corporations and establishments such as in clothing establishments, construction establishments, cosmetic establishments, drinking and eating establishments, furniture establishments and many others. 

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Furniture Establishments

According to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, our furniture manufacturing industry comprises furniture establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing furniture and related products such as cabinets, fixtures, mattresses and window blinds.

Demand for residential and office furniture is driven by population growth, especially in large urban centres such as Montreal and Laval where the concentration of the population is the highest. 

A major issue has happened during the past decade however. The increase in furniture imports from low cost countries, primarily from China has contributed to the decline of the Canadian furniture industry.

Clothing Establishments

Also according to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, our apparel manufacturing comprises clothing establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing clothing and related accessories such as activewear, handbags, jeans, shoes and more.

While the domestic demand remained relatively stable over the years, the total value of clothing made in Canada continues to decrease while imports continue to increase.

Nowadays, most of our clothing exports are destined for the United States, followed by the Netherlands, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.

A growing share of production activities is now off-shored to low labour cost countries such as China and to many other countries such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam and India.

Corporations and Establishments by Rachel Louise Barry