Greater Montreal Clusters

Greater Montreal is home to eight clusters and initiatives according to the CMM, the Communité Montrépolitaine de Montréal also called the MMC, the Metropolitan Montreal Community and to nine organized clusters according to Montreal Clusters.

CMM Industry Index

According to the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal, the CMM, the industry index of the Montreal Metropolitan Area is home to eight metropolitan clusters and organized industries.

  • Aerospace
  • Aluminium
  • Clean Technology
  • Film and Television
  • Financial Services
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Life Sciences
  • Logistics and Transportation

Firms that are part of a cluster are expected to operate more efficiently.

The major challenge for the CMM is to respond to the  needs of the public, optimize the potential of the territory and make sure the region and its industry index is competitive on the national and international levels.

MMC and City Industry

The main sectors of specialization of the city industry in the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) are:

  • Distribution, especially of building materials, personal and household goods and machines.
  • Information and culturel industries: software publishers, telecommunications, motion pictures, broadcasting, cmputer services and digital games.
  • Professional and technical services.

The economic sectors of the MMC city industry also include:

  • Certain types of retail business businesses and education institutions.
  • Real estate.
  • Several manufacturing industries such as aerospace, clothing, plastics, printing, biopharmaceutical, furniture, electrical equipment and paper.
  • Transportation industries such as land passenger transport, air and rail and support services (airport, port and brokers).

CMM Industry Analysis

In the CMM regions, the industry analysis are sometimes grouped by function.

  • Culture - publishing, motion pictures, radio and television broadcasting, movie theaters, leisure, and arts and entertainment.
  • Distribution - wholesale trade, transportation and storage and advertising.
  • High technology - manufacturing of aerospace, pharmaceutical, electronic and scientific products and as in computer, scientific and engineering services.
  • Management - management of companies, accounting, finance, insurance and real estate
CMM - Railways, Ports and Airports 550x500CMM - Railways, Ports and Airports

The CMM region performs well  in the first three functions, but not as well in the management function. 

In the past few decades, the industry analysis have been characterized by an increasing demographic and urban extent and growth.

Industry analysis that have brought out the consolidation of major cities within metropolitan boundaries and that have highlighted the presence of important economic, environmental, institutional, financial and social problems.

Greater Montreal Top Industry

Because of its significance and its impact, the economy of Greater Montreal top industries offers unique economic advantages as well as challenges.

  • Abundance of research centers, colleges and universities.
  • Attractive tax environment for businesses.
  • Diversified economy with many industrial clusters of excellence.
  • Efficient freight transportation hub.
  • High quality of life.
  • Low business operating costs.
  • Mobilization within industrial clusters.

The Greater Montreal area has a very diverse economy and jobs are distributed among a rather large number of industries. 

Industry and Technologies - Science and Industry

Than again, and according to Montreal Clusters,

  1. Aerospace has made the Montreal region one of the largest aerospace centers in the world,
  2. 36% of the Quebec Aluminium Industrial Cluster businesses are located in the CMM,
  3. The CMM is favorable to Clean Technology firms that seek sustained growth on both the domestic and export markets,
  4. The Fashion industries have been a source of economic activity and employment in the apparel industry for many years,
  5. Film and Television is a major economic sector, thanks to its concentration, ramifications and size,
  6. Financial Services is a a robust finance industry sector backed by a pool of skilled employees,
  7. Information and Communications Technology offers the largest number of sales and jobs in the industry and technologies field, 
  8. Life Sciences and Health Technology is one of the CMM health care industry,
  9. Logistics and Transportation firms are linked by their production, distribution, transportation and networks.

Greater Montreal by Rachel Louise Barry - August 2015