Montreal International Businesses

Montreal International Businesses have a lot to offer and so does the Ville de Montreal. Greater Montreal has valuable marketing material worth exploiting such as a specific identity, an international style, distinctive characteristics and a unique charm and attractiveness. 

Foreign-controlled firms play an important role in our economy.

According to Statistics Canada, foreign-controlled firms established in Greater Montreal bring numerous advantages to our strategic international businesses development such as better productivity and better employee compensation.

Foreign-controlled firms  innovate on a regular basis, constantly use advanced technologies and regularly invest in research and development.

International Investments

Subsidiary companies of foreign establishments operating in Greater Montreal help develop our technology, create international development jobs, expand our knowledge and increase our expertise.

These subsidiary companies contribute to the development of our workforce and to the improvement of our competitiveness especially in three of our strategic sectors, Aerospace, Life Sciences and Health Technology (LSHT) and Information, Technology and Communications (ITC).

More than half of the international jobs created by the subsidiary companies established in Greater Montreal come from foreign-controlled companies with 250 employees and more. 

International Business and Trade

According to Les filiales de sociétés étrangères du Grand Montréal, nearly two-thirds of the top 30 subsidiary companies established locally are headquartered in United States, well ahead of France with four and United Kingdom with three. Sweden, Australia, Mexico, Switzerland and Belgium complete the top 30.

The subsidiary companies of foreign establishments operating in Greater Montreal are especially engaged in Manufacturing and in Wholesale Trade.

It is internationally known that Montreal Metropolitan is home to a variety of strategic clusters including Aerospace and Digital Games. The territory also stands out in Life Sciences, thanks to the presence of several important foreign companies active in international pharmacy business.

Through significant international investments in research and development and through well-paid jobs, our local subsidiary companies contribute significantly to the development of the Metropolitan area and to the well-being of the Montrealers.

International Technology

As a major production center in digital games, Montreal is host to several major industries in the ICT sector - the Information, Technology and Communications. The French Ubisoft, the British Eidos Interactive and the Americans Electronic Arts, THQ, IBM and Ericsson are all part of our landscape. 

Montreal Metropolitan is also home to an important pharmaceutical sector with an excellent reputation. 

The ten largest players in the global pharmaceutical industry are all present in Greater Montreal. Large players such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, AstraZeneca, Abbott Laboratories, Merck & Co. and Bayer.

Aerospace plays an important role in the Montreal economy. Greater Montreal is home to Bombardier, a Canadian international aerospace and transportation company and the third largest aircraft manufacturer in the world. 

Also present in Greater Montreal, Pratt & Whitney, the largest subsidiary company in the metropolitan area as well as Bell Helicopter Textron and the Rolls-Royce Group.

Montreal International Businesses by Rachel Louise Barry