NAICS Code 44-45

Retail Trade

According to Statistics Canada,

the NAICS Code 44-45 - Retail Trade

SCIAN 44-45 – 2011

Retail Trade

Code SCIAN 44-45 - Commerce de détail - Profil sectoriel

is composed of establishments primarily engaged in

  • retailing merchandise, generally without transformation
  • rendering services incidental to the sale of merchandise

The retailing process is the final step in the distribution of merchandise.

Store retailers operate fixed point-of-sale locations, located and designed to attract a high volume of walk-in customers. 

Retail stores have extensive displays of merchandise and use mass-media advertising to attract customers. 

Non-store retailers, like store retailers, are organized to serve the general public, but their retailing methods of reaching their customers and marketing their merchandise vary according to their type of non-store retailers.