Nonprofits Volunteering

Nonprofits volunteering in Montreal wishes to inform you about many if not all our city nonprofit organizations.

Each nonprofits Montreal in each borough offers nonprofit and social services to Montrealers who, at one time or another, require special assistance or special services.

Each of our charities and nonprofit organisations offer a large variety of assistance and services related to the relief of poverty, the advancement of education, the integration of the workplace and many others.

Nonprofit Establishments in Montreal


Bois urbain is one of our city nonprofit organizations specialized in wood components and sustainable development. Their services are dedicated to young people with little education and work experience. 


Détail Formation, one of our specialized charities and nonprofit organisations offers workshops, conferences, consulting and management services to managers and employees in the retail business.


Renaissance is a network of nonprofit organizations directly involved in the neighborhoods where they are located. Their main purpose is to facilitate the social and professional integration of people who have difficulties entering the workforce. 

Nonprofits Volunteering in Lachine

Regroupement de Lachine is a group seven nonprofit establishments that offer employment, economic and sustainable services and that provide childcare and fostering services to citizens and businesses. 


Destination travail and Carrefour Jeunesse emploi de LaSalle are two charities and nonprofit organisations that both provide free bilingual services related to employment, education, training and entrepreneurship.

Le Plateau Mont-Royal

ACEM - Association communautaire d'emprunt de Montréal - is one of our city nonprofit organizations. ACEM provides financing and technical support to people with low income and helps them reach their full potential as entrepreneurs and professionals. 

Nonprofits Volunteering in Le Sud-Ouest

CASIOPE - Centre d'aide et de soutien aux intervenants et organismes en petite enfance - offers psycho-educators, remedial teachers and early childhood professionals. The main goal of CASIOPE is to strengthen the skills of their stakeholders and consolidate the integration of new practices.


Renaissance is a network of nonprofit organizations. People who shop at Renaissance help each of their nonprofit establishments invest in their job training program and finance the social and professional integration of men and women  into our workforce.


Café Graffiti is one of our top nonprofit organization. Café Graffiti provides a proper living environment to young people, fosters their professional recognition and fights against exclusion and marginality.


Halte-Femmes is one of our democratic city nonprofit organizations where members are part of the decision process. Members of Halte-Femmes determine their priorities, approve their budget forecasts and elect their Board of Directors.

Nonprofits Volunteering in Outremont

Théâtre Outremont offers nonprofit and social services that promote citizen participation in cultural life, develop their artistic and aesthetic sensibilities and foster understanding and appreciation of arts and culture.


D-Trois-Pierres, one of our green thumb charities and nonprofit organisations, offers work experience to young adults. D-Trois-Pierres favors a workforce integration based on realistic work experience and everyday reality.


Les services adaptés Transit is one of our nonprofit establishments integrated in our Social Solidarity Program. The mission of Les services adaptés Transit is to create, develop and maintain maximum employment conditions for the disabled.

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie

Insertech Angus is one of our city nonprofit organizations. Its mission consists of balancing social inclusion with high environmental certifications.  Insertech Angus also offers quality products and services. 


AIM CROIT is part of an international and dynamic network of nonprofit organizations. AIM CROIT provides professional solutions to people with physical or sensory disabilities seeking employment.


Children Now offers nonprofit and social services related to the cause of the family. Children Now improves children's health, education and overall well-being by concentrating its efforts on social problems such as divorce, poverty, school dropout, street gangs, environment, delinquency, health and family mediation. 

Nonprofits Volunteering in Verdun

Amalgame Mtl Inc. is one of our nonprofit establishments that brings together people with physical disabilities who can competently and effectively perform repetitive work when sitting at a table.


L'Itinéraire is one of our city nonprofit organizations, L'Itinéraire is a street newspaper whose mission is to fight against homelessness. Its primary mission is to reintegrate into society the homeless by conducting projects that help increase their autonomy.


Petites Mains offers nonprofit and social services to people in difficulty, especially immigrant women, single mothers and unemployed. Petites Mains helps them learn a trade and then fosters their integration in the labor market.

City Nonprofit Organizations

The report on Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector in Quebec published by Imagine Canada, a national charities and nonprofit organisation, has provided interesting information on the general situation of our local nonprofits Montreal. 

The province of Quebec has the largest concentration of nonprofit and social services in Canada. It also has the highest number of nonprofit establishments.

Our nonprofits Montreal are mainly local and the assistance they offer to Montrealers are more often than not related to Sports and Recreation and to Social Services. 

Charities and Nonprofit Organisations

The revenues and human resources of our city nonprofit organizations are lower than those of their counterparts in Ontario for instance.

The main source of revenue of nonprofits Montreal come from government subsidies. The majority of our nonprofit establishments consider that their over reliance on project based funding is a major problem. 

Nonprofits Volunteering by Rachel Louise Barry