Our B2B B2C B2G summarises the services we offer.

We consider Montreal Kits as an investment for you and this high quality establishment you manage on a daily basis.

We also consider our website as a very creative and very efficient way to tell the world about many if not all the companies based in Montreal, including yours. 

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B2B vs B2C vs B2G for Government

B2B  B2C B2G business, customers, governments with specific B2B Internet solutions and two (2) basic questions.

How would you describe your target market? 

  • Target marketing involves breaking a market into segments of customers whose needs and desires closely match your products and services.
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What is your most wanted response from your Internet visitors? 

Do you want your Internet visitors to:

  • become a member of your site, 
  • book an appointment,
  • buy your product or service, 
  • call a number, 
  • contact you by email, 
  • read about your company,
  • read your blog, 
  • request for a quotation,
  • request information about..., 
  • sign up for your newsletter?
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The good news is, regular web page maintenance to attract and retain Internet visitors, to maintain Internet search engines rankings and to constantly add new and interesting informational web pages will always be our responsibility, not yours because we know you are busy with at least a million other important things to do. 

B2B B2C B2E for Employees

This is what the B2B B2C B2G of our Montreal Kits are all about, pushing the right web buttons and using our highly effective SBI! Internet Toolbox so online users get to learn more about the 60,000 or so corporations and establishments located on the Island of Montreal.

The expression "the more the merrier" is definitely truer than ever here.

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Montreal Kits is where we exchange information, share new ideas, build national and international relationships, develop all kinds of informative, interesting and lucrative web pages and generate web site traffic and visibility.

Because each of our customer client and team member is involved in the preparation, the creation and the promotion of a highly specialised web content, most if not all our local products and services get to be better known while Montreal and Montrealers get to be better appreciated. 

Montreal Kits - Services

Contact Us and we will tell you why you should join a team who's main goal is to describe and explain Montreal and Montrealers through your company.

Services - Montréal Kits 

Contactez-nous et nous vous dirons pourquoi notre principal objectif est de décrire Montréal et les Montréalais à partir de votre entreprise.

What's in it for me?

B2B B2C B2G by Rachel Louise Barry