Different Religion Symbols

As a result of the development of our Montreal different religion symbols and religion and mythology within our social generation and evolution, many of us are no longer part of any religion statistics except, maybe, under "no religion".

Our church attendance and church statistics definitely decreased in the past years except, maybe, those related to church weddings even if, according to the Catholic Church, there is an important difference between a sacrament and a civil marriage. 


In Montreal, when baptised Roman Catholic couples state their vows in front of a priest and in front of witnesses in a Catholic Church, their marriage, surrounded by church wedding decorations, becomes a sacrament that cannot be revoked. A marriage that can be annulled under special conditions but that cannot be revoked.

Also in Montreal, civil unions and weddings can be celebrated in Montreal City Hall by an elected official. The civil marriage is governed by Justice Quebec and so is a civil divorce granted on the terms agreed by the spouses or after a trial before a judge.


Different Religion Symbols and Beliefs

Freedom of religion in Canada probably originated as early as 1759 when the British troops of James Wolfe defeated the French troops of Louis-Joseph de Montcalm.


A long term development that led to our different religious beliefs of today. A freedom of religion from one generation to another that is now going to very new and very contrasting avenues. 

On the one hand, a large number of Montrealers no longer have any different religion beliefs and, on the other, different types of religion such as the religion of Islam, the Buddhism religion, the Hindu religion and the Sikh religion are now more and more present in our church attendance and church landscape

Church Landscape

Our different religion symbols keep shining through our church architecture, our church building designs and our beautiful church stained glass windows. 

A church architecture that shines through a series of dynamic lines, assorted shapes and symbolic forms that our society has created over the years. 


Raising up churches and cathedrals relies upon capital, labor and technology, while church interior design relies upon creativity, craftsmanship and skills. 

Our church architecture with its impressive structures, glorious church building design, ornamented church floor plans, majestic ceilings and rich ornaments continues to offer an abundance of artistic qualities.


Then again, both the church landscape and the varieties of different religion symbols and religious experience are definitely changing. 

According to recent religion statistics, more people belong to minority faiths, church attendance at religious services is dropping and the number of people with no religious affiliation is rising.


Different Religious Beliefs and Symbols

A church is either the body of Christ or a building. A basilica is a large and important church and a cathedral is the largest and most impressive church of a diocese, a Greek word that means administration.


An archbishop is a bishop of higher rank and an archdiocese is a larger and more important diocese. A diocese is a district divided into parishes or ecclesiastical districts. The diocese is under the authority of a diocesan bishop, while the parish is under the pastoral care of a parish priest. 

Religion and Spirituality

The spirituality, the "sacred" is related to different religious beliefs and religion beliefs  are related to religious symbols and architecture, that is to the tangible images or objects that express our mystical beliefs.

Montrealers may not be attending organised religious services like they used to, but this doesn't necessarily mean they are any less spiritual.


For a more complete picture of different religion beliefs, one must now compare public religious behaviour such as attendance to religious services to private religious behaviour such as prayer, meditation, worship and readings of sacred texts.

Our parishes are abolished or merged, our churches are leased, sold or shared with other churches and different religious beliefs are now part of our politics and religion.

Our public and private religious behaviour has changed, but our religious architecture still ornate our surroundings while our approach to politics and religion reflects a more contemporary socio-cultural evolution.

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Different Religion Symbols by Rachel Louise Barry