Montreal Island Kit

Montreal Island Kit aspires to describe the political system, the political organisation and the political terms of an island divided into 16 municipalities.

First and foremost, Montreal Island Kit is about the City of Montreal and its 19 boroughs and 15 reconstituted municipalities. An Island of Montreal officially called the Urban Agglomeration of Montreal.

Montreal is an authentic island surrounded by three rivers, the Saint-Laurent River, the Rivière-des-Outaouais and the Rivière-des-Prairies. Our island is also surrounded by 19 bridges and numerous smaller islands. 

Montreal Political Machine

In the Province of Quebec, municipal elections take place every 4 years on the 1st Sunday of November. 2017 was election year and 2021 will be our next election year. 

When our electoral political machine will be on again, the residents of the City of Montreal will elect the members of the City Council that is, the mayor of the City of Montreal who is also the mayor of the Ville-Marie borough, the City Councilors, the Borough Mayors and the Borough Councilors. 

An electoral political machine that also requires that the residents of each of the 15 reconstituted municipalities of the Island of Montreal elect a Mayor for each City and a Municipal Councilor for each electoral district of each city. 

Montreal Political Geography

The mayor of the City of Montreal and of the Ville-Marie borough since 2008 is at the top level of the Island of Montreal political geography. 

Soon after Bill 22 was tabled, Gérald Tremblay, then mayor of the City of Montreal started to take over certain responsibilities regarding the Ville-Marie borough.

Mayor Tremblay was convinced that the mayor of the City of Montreal should also be the mayor of the Ville-Marie borough to avoid potential problems if a mayor from the opposition would ever be elected. 

The mayor of the City of Montreal heads the City Council and controls the administrative, budgetary and legislative procedures of the Montreal municipality.

In political terms, the city services, public property, police and fire protection, most public agencies such as the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal along with the enforcement of city by-laws and provincial and federal laws are under the responsibility of the mayor of the City of Montreal and the City Council.

City Council and City Councilors

A City Council that is democratically elected and that has final decision authority over the City of Montreal accompanied by Charter of Ville de Montreal that defines the commitments of the City Council and City Councilors.

Commitments such as...

  • Democratic, Economic, Social and Cultural Life
  • Environment
  • Heritage
  • Municipal Services
  • Physical Activity
  • Recreation
  • Security
  • Sports
  • Sustainable Development

Montreal City Council composed of 65 elected officials, that is the Mayor of the City of Montreal and of the Ville-Marie borough, 18 other Borough Mayors and 46 City Councilors.

The Charter of Ville de Montréal also determines the jurisdiction of the Mayor of Montreal as well as the jurisdiction of the 65 elected officials of the City Council.

City Councilors sit on both City Council and their respective Borough Council and Borough Councilors only sit on their Borough Council. The City Council oversees, standardises and approves the decisions made by the Borough Councils.

Montreal Executive Committee

Montreal Island Kit is further interested in describing the Montreal Executive Committee composed of the mayor of the City of Montreal and of 11 members of the City Council nominated by the mayor. 

The Executive Committee reports directly to the City Council and has jurisdiction over the local services offered within the City limits as well as over the Agglomeration services offered to the entire population of the Island of Montreal.

In political terms, the jurisdiction of the Executive Committee includes granting contracts and subsidies, managing human and financial resources and handling supplies and buildings.

The Executive Committee is also responsible for producing documents such as budgets, and bylaws and for submitting official documents to the City Council for approval.

Montreal Borough Councils

A Montreal Island Kit also interested in the Borough Mayors and the Borough Councilors democratically elected by the residents of each of the 19 boroughs of the City of Montreal.

Each borough and each Borough Mayor has jurisdiction over specific public services and matters in accordance with the Charte de la Ville de Montréal.

Boroughs of Montreal and services that, according to our political organisation, include responsibilities such as our local

  • Culture
  • Financial Management
  • Fire Prevention
  • Housing
  • Human Resources
  • Non-Taxation Fees
  • Parks
  • Recreation
  • Roads
  • Social and Community Development
  • Urban Planning
  • Waste Collection

A Borough Council is composed of no fewer than five Councilors, both Borough and City Councilors. The number of Borough Councilors and City Councilors of each of the Borough Council varies depending on the geography and the population of each borough.

City Councilors sit on the City Council and on their respective Borough Council. In total, 19 boroughs and 46 City Councilors. Borough Councilors only sit on their Borough Council. In total, 19 boroughs and 38 Borough Councilors. 

Montreal Agglomeration Council

The Agglomeration Council is composed of 31 elected officials who represent each of the 16 municipalities of the Island of Montreal, 15 reconstituted cities and one City of Montreal.

The Agglomeration Council is headed by the Mayor of Montreal and is composed of 15 members of the City Council nominated by the mayor.

An Agglomeration Council that includes 14 mayors and 1 representative to speak for each of the 15 reconstituted municipalities.

Both the Town of Dorval Island and the City of Dorval have one representative and an additional representative from the City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux has been added because of the size of its geography and population.

Montreal Political Terms

In political terms, the..

  • Economic Promotion
  • Help for the Homelessness
  • Management of Streets and Major Roads
  • Municipal Court
  • Nature Parks
  • Property Assessment
  • Public Safety Services
  • Public Transit
  • Social Housing
  • Waste Management
  • Water Supply and Sewage Treatment

are all under the jurisdiction of the Montreal Agglomeration Council.

All the taxpayers of the Island of Montreal, regardless of their borough or city of residence pay a common tax for shared services governed by the Agglomeration Council. Taxpayers in reconstituted cities receive a separate tax bill for their part of the shared agglomeration services. 

Montreal Island Kit Cities and Cities Councils

Finally, Montreal Island Kit is about the city mayors, city councils and city life in each of the 15 reconstituted municipalities of the Island of Montreal officially called the Urban Agglomeration of Montreal where local mayors and local city councilors offer local services to the residents who live within each city, town or village limits. 

Montreal ISLAND Kit

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by Rachel Louise Barry