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Site Build It works because it enables me and others like me, in a very practical, very comprehensive and very professional way, build five online kits gathered under one Montreal Business Kit 

Without the SBI! Action Guide, and even if I'd go back to school, earn a College degree and become a "Specialist in Site Design and Programming" I would still need Solo Build It! and its Action Guide.

Solo Build It!

Site Build It works for me. Solo Build It! works for me I should say, although I'm not working solo anymore. Site Build It! or Solo Build It! it is still SBI! and it is still the all-in-one package I definitely need to build this profitable online business that I have been planning, re-planning and improving

A very astute and very clever all-in-one package supplied by the SBI community. An Action Guide, a step-by-step process, software tools, guidance, information and around-the-clock support that proved to be effective, solid and reliable.

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Montreal Business Kit provides a very descriptive and very informative content about our business culture and environment. 

A business section that describes the structure and process of organisations such as advertising companies, export companies, telecom companies and many other companies. How do they administer their goals and operations and how do they administer their facilities, employees, resources, equipment and materials. 

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Montreal Island Kit is about the City of Montreal, its 19 boroughs and the 15 reconstituted Cities of an Island officially called the Montreal Urban Agglomeration. 

An island kit section about our municipal administrations and about the city services, facilities, safety and infrastructure that the city residents expect to receive in exchange for the taxes they pay. 

Services often provided by water companies, drainage companies, energy companies, environmental companies and many other best companies.

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Montreal Professionals Kit is about our 54 professions and 46 professional orders and their respective roles and responsibilities towards their clientele.

A professionals kit section about the mission of our professional associations and their mission to protect their members and about our professional orders and their mission to protect the public. Engineering companies, medical companies and consulting companies all fall into this category.

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Montreal Urban Kit is about our daily, urban and central life mostly because of the large variety of products and services the Island of Montreal offers, along with university education, employment jobs and real estate property listings.

An urban kit section that brings together taxi companies, holiday companies, plumbing companies, kitchen companies, roofing companies, appliance companies, computer repairs and many other companiess. 

Finally, Montreal Kits BLOG goes beyond an information-only content. A "what's your beef" blog that describes and explains what, in Montreal, should be improved, modified, abolished, replaced or denounced.

Montreal URBAN Kit

Site Build It Works! by Rachel Louise Barry