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Site Build It works because it enables me, in a very practical, very comprehensive and very professional way, to build five online businesses on Montreal and Montrealers into one.

SBI! offers a very solid and very reliable background knowledge.

Without SBI! and even if I'd study during a year and a half, earn a College degree and become a "Specialist in Site Design and Programming" I would still be unprepared and unable to carry out my great project about Montreal and Montrealers.

SBI! has no equivalent worth mentioning. Without all the information, the tools and the advice supplied by the SBI community I would have no other choice then to abandon and do something else.

But, this is not the case because we all "know and love" SBI! Site Build It! and, SBIers like myself, old and new, will always do their utmost to make sure SBI! or Site Build It! or Sole Build It! now lasts for ever. 

Solo Build It!

Complete Site Build It!

Site Build It works for me. Solo Build It! works for me I should say, although I'm not working solo anymore. 

Site Build It! or Solo Build It! it's still SBI! and it's still the all-in-one package of a step-by-step process, software tools, guidance and around-the-clock support that proved to be very effective and very useful.

A very astute package that enables me, and many others like me, to build the profitable online business that, in my case, has been in my mind and has slowly evolved for what it is now for quite awhile.

Solo Build It!

  1. I was intrigued by Montreal and Montrealers.
  2. I took courses in municipal management and earned a master degree.
  3. I was introduced to SBI!
  4. I read, practised, erased, read, practised, erased.
  5. I cleared personal and family issues and the sadness that comes with it.
  6. I am now considering a PhD.
  7. Team members and partners are being recruited...,
  8. Together we combine five Site Build It websites into one...
  9. Together we attain one big Site Build It success. 

The number nine conveniently being the end of a cycle.

Solo Build It!

Web Site Build It Works

Montreal Business Kit provides a very descriptive and very informative content about our business culture and environment. A section that analyses and clarifies many of our business aspects such as industries, entrepreneurship, import, export, employment, education, training, financing...

Montreal Island Kit is about the City of Montreal, its 19 boroughs and the 15 related Cities of an Island of Montreal officially called the Montreal Urban Agglomeration. A section that inspects and clarifies the organisation, the services and the responsibilities of our municipal public administrations.

Solo Build It!

Montreal Professionals Kit is about our 54 professions and 46 professional orders and their respective roles and responsibilities towards their clientele. A section that is also about our professional associations and their respective roles and responsibilities towards the professionals they represent.

Montreal Urban Kit is about our daily life and our family, our work, our social interactions in a Montreal urban society. An urban life that combines housing, renovation, food, studies, jobs, transportation, shopping, restaurants, culture, sports, leisure, holidays, hotels and many more.

Montreal Kits BLOG goes beyond an information-only content. A Blog that describes and explains what, in Montreal, should be improved, modified or abolished. A Blog that compares how things are done here and elsewhere and that supplies informed and educated opinions about why some of our choices are working fine and others are not. 

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Montreal URBAN Kit

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