Montreal Career Jobs

Career choices and  Montreal career jobs in any of the 19 boroughs or 14 cities of the Island of Montreal, are part our most important decisions.

Making the right career choices according to our personality, our skills and our values are important steps towards success, happiness and prosperity.

Our talents and our strengths are very important factors and so are our ambitions and our constraints.

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There is, however, no « magic formula ». Even with a good enough  employment market with interesting employment listings and jobs opportunities, jobs search results do require advanced preparation, well organized work and a strong commitment.

Then and only then we may or may not be contacted for one or more job interviews.

The good news is that, according to the Government of Canada, « at the regional level, the greater Montréal region contributed to 90 % of employment gains in the province ».

Two popular possibilities are offered to those in search of jobs opportunities. One refers to going through employment listings, in newspapers, on the Net or on social media sites, and the other refers to working with one or two employment recruitment agencies.

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Human Resources Recruitment

In Montreal and in most organizations, corporations and establishments, the recruitment of suitable candidates is the responsibility of the human resources department. 

An HR function along with  other functions such as salaries and benefits, training development, employee relations and workplace safety.

Montreal Career jobs recruitments are of two types, internal recruitment and external recruitment.

Internal recruitment methods refer to recruiting candidates internally and giving them a chance to occupy higher level positionswhile external recruitment refers to  recruiting candidates externally for new or better achievements.

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Job hunting on the other hand, often starts with a look at the various  jobs listings in newspapers, on the Net or on social media sites, followed by jobs applications, then by a few  job search results and, eventually, by  jobs interviews.

Companies that have their own external jobs recruitment methods expect a proper job resume with information about our education, our work experience, our credentials and our accomplishments as well as a job cover letter explaining why we should be selected for an interview.

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Most companies will also ask for job references from people that can vouch for our abilities, our qualifications and our skills. Others might do a background check for employment and verify our identity and our financial and criminal status.

Then again, establishments employers and jobs agencies must be reasonable regarding the collection and the disclosure of personal information, while candidates and employees must be notified and should be required to consent to the collection and disclosure of their personal information, 

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Recruitment Agencies and Jobs Centres

For some establishments employers, jobs recruitments take time and money they’d rather spend on other tasks and responsibilities.

Most of them agree that the benefits of using the hiring process of a job agencyis, in most if not all cases, greater than the value of the time and effort of not using it. 

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In Montreal, employment agencies provide specialized professional and technical services that bring advantages to both candidates and employers.

For candidates, the service is free.

job agency process includes initial  job interviews, employment personality tests, a detailed appraisal and, finally a candidate profile and a match with the jobs opportunities and descriptions received from their  jobs  employment customers.

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Employment agencies have regularly access to Montreal career jobs that are not advertised anywhere and that can accelerate the hiring process between an employer and a candidate.

The role of a job agencyis to match the specific assets of a candidate to the specific requirements of an employer while keeping in mind that employment agencies work for the establishments employers, not for the candidates.

Different jobs agencies with services adapted to each standard and functional  establishment based, in some cases, on the 2017 NAICS Codes Canada  where each establishment has its  own purpose and its own specific needs. 

Montreal Career Jobs by Rachel Louise Barry