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is about doing world business in Montreal.

Local Business Opportunities

Yes, Montreal Business Kit is about doing international business in Montreal and working in Montreal. Our City has the highest concentration of post-secondary students in North America and is home to a highly qualified multilingual and multicultural labor force.

The City of Montreal offers unique advantages and a few disadvantages. For instance, in Montreal traffic is bad and so is parking. 

But then, our City is only an 8 hour-drive away from New York, Boston and Toronto, 2 hours away from Ottawa, and a 3 hour-drive to Quebec City. The geographic location of the City of Montreal offers a direct access to the North American market and serves as a bridge between Europe and the Americas.

Import Export Business in Montreal

Business and entrepreneur from all over the world can become part of a very satisfying and very rewarding world called business in Montreal. 

Taking advantage of some of our business opportunity leads, getting involved in our import export business and preparing successful business proposals are some of our local business opportunities that may interest you, challenge you or, at times, confuse. 

If you are in the process of launching your own business, if you already have an established business or if you are interested in international business and trade, fundamental local facts need to be mastered.

Fortunately, information about applied economics, entrepreneurship, finance, information technology, international business, marketing, professional accounting, sustainable development and management are Montreal Business Kit favorite topics. 

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The short term commercial goals you wish to achieve, as well as the long term financial objectives you want to attain must be clearly determined or, in the process of being distinctly formulated.

Goals and objectives provide everyone of us with guidance and direction. They facilitate your planning, interest your customers, motivate your employees and enable you to regularly evaluate and improve your performance.

While in Montreal, and before you become commercially involved with Montrealers, it would be nice if your first intent would be to learn as much as you can about the business and entrepreneur structures we built for ourselves during the last 375 years. 

Becoming familiar with our French Canadian culture and learning as much as you can about how Montreal business is done on a daily basis would certainly be appreciated.

Quebec is the only Canadian province with a predominantly French-speaking population. Moreover, French is Quebec sole official language. Colloquial French and Canadian French are different, but what you need is a willingness to learn or to at least make an effort.

Montrealers are collectively and internationally known for their North American sociability and practicality and for their European sophistication. We are also known for our openness, our creativity and our vitality. We are usually hospitable, friendly, polite and accommodating but you may find our distinctiveness annoying at times.

Montreal Trade and Industries

Whether you are in the b2b business or in the b2c products and services, doing business in Montreal can be a challenging, satisfying and rewarding endeavor. By properly and correctly using the many business opportunities Montreal has to offer, you are bound to succeed.

The City of Montreal is definitely able to offer a collective expertise and Montrealers can help you master many if not all the important business facts and realities related to a flourishing and sustainable international business in a bilingual Montreal Business Kit.

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