Your Coworking Space

Your coworking space in Montreal or in any other city is not a new topic, but the concept evolved over the years.

Nowadays, it can be simply described as an "independent activity in a specific coworking environment"  shared with other coworkers who have similar  requirements and preferences.

A coworking center is a place where freelancers work independently and together. It is where your coworking space is conveniently located. 

Centers that allow coworkers to avoid the loneliness that comes with working at home or the distractions that come with working in a coffee shop.

According to an Harvard Business Review on workspaces  « people who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful, have more job control and feel part of a community ».

The Coworking Industry

The financial crisis of 2007-2008 led to a decline of the property market but, two years later, it was clear that the coworking space industry was not just a passing trend.

coworking trend, with its unique space and coworking design that, in its own business development way, participated in the recovery of the real estate market as early as 2009-2010.

Nowadays, the progress of the mobile technology and the increase of freelancers and self-employed professionals are two of the main reasons why the coworking market size keeps increasing and why the coworking industry is still a huge opportunity.

The Best Coworkings

The best coworkings are those where socializing is optional and where individuals feel a sense of identity amongst coworkers

An independent and collaborative coworking culture in an environment where visions, mission, goals and objectives are similar and where values such as community, collaboration, responsibility and sustainability are important.

Conversations are usually more friendly and work is more productive in a cosy coworking space, while coworkers in large coworking centers are likely to show less affinity, less alliance and less coworker relations.

But then, one of the best thing about coworking area is that it does generate conversations and cooperation between coworkers and people engaged in similar or in different activities.

Your coworking space enables you and all your other office coworkers to get to know each other, to interact and to discuss.

Workspace Coworking

coworking space client segmentation of a coworking industry with a majority of office coworkers in their mid twenties to late thirties, and a particular social movement, organisational structure and network of formal and informal interactions.

One third are women, two thirds are men, half are freelancers and professionals, some are enterprises who employ coworkers and a few are permanent employees of very small companies or companies located abroad.

Most of the office coworkers are web developers or web programmers, while others are active in a wide range of creative and cultural industries. Most started their freelance career with a university degree.

Your Coworking Space Design

A coworking architecture where the office coworkers are surrounded by other office coworkers with whom they can engage in a dialogue, establish a collaboration and build trust  in a very pleasant and very appropriate coworking design.

Most if not all coworking in Montreal offer single seats and small rooms in a coworking design that can accommodate individuals and small teams. A coworking space design that typically offers the latest in coworking office trends.

Desks and chairs, conference rooms, relaxation areas, office maintenance and housekeeping are conveniently available so you and your coworkers can take coworking in Montreal for granted and focus on your coworking space and on your business activities and objectives.

Then again, sometimes it's less about work and more about having fun and this is what a cowoking event is all about. Coworking events and parties that offer interesting opportunities to network, to meet people and to chat.

Coworking Center vs Own Office

Comparing the advantages of coworking spaces to setting up a professional office was and still is an important business decision. 

The workspace coworking culture is very trendy, mostly among freelancers and start-ups but, based on the business activity of an enterprise, the traditional private office, leased or bought, can still be a better solution.

Some believe that coworking space design lacks privacy and generates distractions, while others believe that an open seating fosters cooperation, improves work flow and drives productivity.

The coworking tarif must also be thoroughly analyzed since research shows that the average coworking members use their cozy coworking space less than 20 hours a week.

It always pays to plan strategically and, ultimately, a coworking center or a rented office must contribute to the productivity and the growth of any business.

Your Coworking Space by Rachel Louise Barry