Different Religion Beliefs

Ever since the Nouvelle-France and the British Conquest, different religion beliefs have been focused on the churches and cathedrals now gathered under the Catholic Church of Montreal founded in 1836 as well as on the local Protestant religion churches and religious buildings.

We are Catholic and we speak French since Samuel de Champlain and the beginning of the Nouvelle-France in 1608 and, we are Protestant and we speak English since the British capture of Montreal in 1760.


The French and the English languages as well as both our religions, the Catholic religion and the Protestant religion continue to reflect the religious beliefs and architecture of our past.

After the British Conquest, Montreal became a mission field for the Protestants and their religious philosophy, religious beliefs and religion symbols. They sought to win French Roman Catholics, but with partial success. 

Concentrated in a limited geographic area and protected by our language and our religious spirituality, our ancestors, both French and English, developed their own ways, their own religions and spiritualities and their own social customs and attitudes.


History of Religion

Historically and theologically, the prominence of the Catholic religion, of the Protestant religion and of the Judaism religion each had an impact on our historical definition of religions and on our global church architecture.

The Island of Montreal officially became a Catholic colony when Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve arrived in 1642, accompanied by French missionaries and settlers.


Then, when the Treaty of Paris in 1763 ended the war between the British and the French, English language and Protestant religion also became part of our culture and patrimony.

A few individual Jews have been recorded in the early period of the Nouvelle-France.

They came to Montreal as officers of the British army and, after the "Conquest", several Jews decided to settle in Montreal, They became fur traders, merchants, exporters or importers.

By doing so, the Jews established our first non-christian and non-aboriginal community.


Nowadays, most synagogues are Orthodox and the makeup of our Jewish community is mostly Sephardic, followed by Hasidic Judaism and then by Lubavitch synagogues.

Predominantly Catholic, Protestant, Jew and white for many generations, we tend to lack both the personal and the cultural capital to grasp the "principles" that pertain to immigrants and to their different religious beliefs and culture. 

Different Religion Beliefs and Structure

Christianity is fundamentally and traditionally a monotheistic religious ideology based on the life and teachings of Jesus-Christ reported in the New Testament.

Christianity is divided into many different religion beliefs. In Montreal, Christians are mostly Catholics, essentially Roman Catholics or Christian Orthodox, predominantly Greek Orthodox.


The Judaism religion is the monotheistic religion of the Jews based on the Hebrew Bible, the sacred books of the Jewish people and on the Talmud on Jewish history and on the prevailing law, customs and culture of Judaism.

It is interesting to note that the Hebrew Bible also called the Old Testament, is part of the Christian Bible. Historically and interestingly, the Hebrew Bible gave rise to Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The three major alternatives of the Religion Jewish is either Orthodox Judaism, Conservative Judaism or Reform Judaism. Jews rank fifth among our population and our Montreal religious beliefs.


Montreal Politics and Religion

Our long term historical evolution from one generation to another in terms of politics and Montreal religion beliefs is now taking new and contrasting avenues. Changes that are partly due to the absence of religious causes and affiliations by many of us and to immigration.


Secularism is the absence of religious involvement in government affairs as well as the absence of government involvement in religious affairs. In political terms, secularism is the separation of religion and politics. A secular government is non-religious, but not anti-religious.

Our cultural evolution tends to favour the secularism of our institutions with respect to different religion beliefs, but secularism in Montreal remains an unfinished business. Some of our politicians along with some Montrealers do indulge in prejudices against different ethnic groups.


Religion and Spirituality in Christianity

Catholicism refers to Christianity, that is to the communion with the pope and the Church of Rome and to the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. Protestantism refers to the religious tradition of Western Christianity that rejects the authority of the pope of Rome. 


Religions are cultural and each religion has its own spirituality and its own rituals. A catholic is a member of the Roman Catholic faith and an protestant is a member of a Western Christian church.

Judaism is a set of concepts and practices about how Jewish people should live their lives. Jewish Montreal religion beliefs that are defined and recorded in the Torah, the Hebrew Bible and in its consecutive sacred writings.

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Different Religion Beliefs by Rachel Louise Barry