Montreal KITS

Montreal Kits is about each of our M Kit, M for Montreal and Kits for all the important facts, details and stories we wish to share with you.

According to any dictionary, a Kit is set of things needed for a specific purpose” but our Montreal Kits offer and deliver a lot more than just “things”


Our specific purpose is to provide each and everyone of you with facts, advice, information, knowledge and observations about Montreal and Montrealers.

Citizen is a word derived from city and, as residents of any of the 16 Cities of the Island of Montreal, we do have the responsibility and the obligation to contribute to the social, the economic and the environmental well-being of our Island.


Montreal Business Kit

Montreal Business Kit, our first (1) Kit out five (5) Montreal Kits is about discovering the 60,000 or so companies established on the Island of Montreal appears on top of each of our pages, but what you don't know yet, is that we plan on introducing and explaining each and everyone of them.

Well... we'll definitely try very hard!

Why are we doing this? Because each of these 60,000 or so business and entrepreneur offer products and services we buy or use often, or sometimes or never for many different reasons including not knowing they exist and or why they exist.

You may know the business profiles of the companies you buy from or do business with but, unless you are the owner or an employee, you probably don't know much about how they operate internally.


Depending on their size, business companies and international companies are usually divided into departments such as human resources, accounting, finance, marketing, purchasing, sales and research & development. 

What we are often less familiar with is their culture, their work climate and their attitude towards all kinds of responsibilities including the well-being of their employees and the protection of our environment.

How are we going to discover all this? Simply by asking and then by telling you. Behind every product, every service, every company there are people with passions, talents and commitments that are definitely worth discovering.

Montreal Island Kit

Businesses and companies play a very important role in the competitiveness and the economic growth of the Island of Montreal but the reverse is also true. Cities also play an important role in terms of economic growth, social activity, cultural achievement and political life.

In Montreal, the Executive Committee reports directly to the City Council, the primary decision-making body of the City of Montreal. A Committee with jurisdiction over the local services offered within the City limits as well as those offered to the entire population of the Island of Montreal


Each Borough Council has local powers over urban planning, waste collection, culture, recreation, social and community development, parks, roads, housing, human resources, fire prevention, non-taxation fees and financial management.

Finally, the Agglomeration Council headed by the Mayor of the City of Montreal represents the 16 municipalities of the Island of Montreal. All taxpayers, regardless of their borough or city of residence pay a common tax for the shared services provided by the Agglomeration. 


Montreal Island Kit, our second (2) Kit out five (5) Montreal Kits is important because we, as citizens, do have to take the time to vote and to cooperate. The more we know about our municipal administration, the more we participate in our municipal lifethe more our opinions, our needs and our requirements get to be known and get to be taken into account by our elected officials.

Montreal Professionals Kit

Our Montreal Professional Kit, our third (3) Kit out of our five (5) Montreal Kits, basically describes and explains our professionals, our professions and our professional system predominately based on professional autonomy

The primary mission of a Professional Order is to protect the public, that is to protect those who use professional services. Professional Orders protect the public by adequately fulfilling each of their role and responsibilities.


The role of a Professional Association is to promote their members and to protect and defend their socio-professional and socio-economic interests and well-being. Associations contribute to the regulation of the profession they represent as well as to the fundamental and imperative self-regulation of their members.

Montreal Urban Kit

The word urban is an adjective related to the characteristics of a city. This is all very nice, but also a bit scary since Montreal, just like any other city in the world, has many typical features to assess such as its landscape, its population, its density and its practical activities. 


Montreal Urban Kit, our fourth (4) Kit out of our five (5) Montreal Kits chose to describe our practical activities. We chose to explain how our urban areas, urban identity, urban ways of living, urban economic activities, urban ways of relating to others, urban social organisation work and function. the actual doing, not the theory.

Montreal BLOGMontreal KITS

Finally, Montreal BLOG, our fifth (5) Kit out of our five (5) Montreal Kits, is about "What's Your Beef?" An expression I find quite entertaining and somewhat explicit. It means something like "what's your issue with something". The equivalent in Quebec French would be "qu'est-ce qui vous achale? What bothers you?


A phrase and a question that could come from Cockney rhyming slang and then from American soldiers (and maybe cowboys) who complained about the quantity and the quality of their beef rations.

One of the keywords could be complaint as in why is there only one corner with street names at many if not all our intersections? I don't drive anymore but I walk a lot. It bothers me and, apparently, I'm not alone.

Welcome to Montreal Kits

 by Rachel Louise Barry