Montreal Business Kit

Montreal Business Kit is about working and doing business in any of our Montreal business and commercial areas. 

Montrealers are multicultural, highly creative and offer an interesting European sophistication combined to a North American openness and practicality.

According to some, Montreal has homey neighborhoods and a decent public transport while Montrealers are bike friendly and take advantage of their outdoor activities.

Montreal and Montrealers offer unique advantages and some disadvantages. In Montreal, driving habits are different and parking is difficult.

Then again, our City is only an 8 hour-drive away from New York, Boston and Toronto, 2 hours away from Ottawa, and a 3 hour-drive to Quebec City.

The geographic location of the City of Montreal offers a direct access to the North American markets and serves as a bridge between Europe and the Americas.

B2C or B2B Business

Business and entrepreneur from all over the world can become part of a very satisfying and very rewarding world business done in each of our 19 boroughs and 15 cities.

Montreal is the second French speaking city in the world after Paris. Our City is the largest city in the province of Quebec as well as the most important business territory after Toronto. 

Montreal is definitely able to offer a very profitable and very satisfying collective expertise to all those interested.

World Business

From astute health research to innovations in aerospace, the City of Montreal was and still is a strategic choice for businesses from all over the world. 

  • Arts
  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Agriculture and Food Production
  • Health Sciences
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Video Gaming

The City of Montreal is a business ambassador for companies located in Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver that wish to offer their products and services in Eastern Canada.

Business Opportunity Leads

You may be looking for a franchise business opportunity, an import export business or you could be specifically interested in our green technology.

You could also be looking for small business opportunities, Internet business opportunities or for any of our online marketing business opportunity.

Any of our business opportunity leads could take you to writing a business plan, building a business marketing plan, preparing a business proposal, asking for a business line of credit and choosing a business card template.

It could also lead you to looking into our top business schools and business colleges and in checking their respective admission requirements and deadlines. 

If you are a business opportunity seeker, if you are interested in any of our B2C or B2B business or, if you already are an experienced business and entrepreneur, in each case fundamental local facts need to be mastered.

You are bound to succeed if you properly and correctly explore our many business opportunity leads and identify the challenges that accompany each and everyone of them. 

Montreal Business Kit & Montrealers

Montreal Business Kit and Montrealers can help you master many if not all the important business facts and realities that need to be mastered when business is done in a multilingual and multicultural city such as Greater Montreal. 

Becoming familiar with the business and entrepreneur structures we've built for ourselves during the last 375 years and learning as much as you can about our world business culture is certainly useful for everyone involved. 

"Cities are the fundamental building blocks of prosperity" (Marc Weiss)

Montreal Business Kit by Rachel Louise Barry