Export Import Business

Export import business means buying and selling goods to and from one or more world countries, some having more advanced technology, others having lower costs. 

Exports are related to the sales of goods and services to foreign countries while imports are related to the purchases of goods and services from foreign countries. 


It sounds easy but it's not for many different reasons. Export import products are always accompanied by a large variety of risks and challenges including trade finance, extensive bureaucratic processes and unstable currency rates. 

If and when an export company wishes to export its products to a foreign country, all the rules and regulations must definitely be known and mastered.


And, if and when an import company wishes to buy products from other countries, there is also a whole set of laws, of rights and of regulations that must be taken into serious consideration.

For example, formal trade barriers such as tariff are often imposed to protect local businesses, while informal trade barriers such as quotas restrict the number of products imported during various periods of time. 


Global Exports of Goods

Export Development Canada, the EDC Agency has compiled, organised and centralised interesting facts and informations about most if not all the required product exportation services.


The EDC helps exporters attend shows and trade missions, shop for new international customers or protect their exportation business against all kinds of risks. Their mission is to help export companies sell their products beyond the Canadian borders.

Export Development Canada also developed an extensive network of local contacts from all over the world. It offers a range of finance, insurance and bonding solutions along with reports on various subjects such as productivity, trade opportunities and competitiveness. 


Global Imports of Goods

Global Affairs Canada also offers very interesting and very useful information regarding the unavoidable Canadian import conditions, regulations and understanding about how to...

  • assess the merchandise
  • clear customs
  • deal with defective or sub-standard goods
  • distribute goods in Canada
  • get payments from clients
  • get the freight shipped
  • make contacts abroad
  • make payments abroad
  • negotiate delivery & payment contracts
  • store the goods...

Just about any goods can be imported into Canada by anyone but, according to the Canada Border Services Agency, all the regulations, acts and references must be known and must be mastered and applied.

Then again, the Border Information Service provides an automated telephone service about Business Importation / Exportation and about Currency Exchange Rates. A toll-free number both in French and English is also available.


You must however be able to supply detailed information about what you wish to import, goods or services and from what country.

Global Exports & Global Imports of Services

It is now possible and lucrative to buy and sell local services, thanks to the interactive Internet services of today and to the emergence of a worldwide digital connectivity between people and businesses and between devices, data and procedures. 

As a result, global import and export businesses have recently been increasing their international buying and selling activities, especially in financial, computer, management and architectural services. 

On the one hand, exporting and importing goods help businesses become more competitive and, on the other, export import businesses increase their capacity to produce goods and services. 


The Canadian major destinations for services exports by country are United States, United Kingdom, France, China and Germany while the Canadian major destinations for services imports by country are United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France and Mexico.

Canadian services exports and imports that include commercial services, personal and business travel services, transportation services by air, water or land or government services. 


Export Import Business in Montreal

In the early 1800s, a progressive Montreal merchant class was already involved in commercial export and import businesses.

Export and import businesses that, over the years, have evolved from the forestry and agricultural products of the past to the products and services of today. 


Montreal is now considered a world leader in strategic sectors such as Aerospace, Life Sciences, Information & Communications Technologies as well as Bio-Food, Film & Television, Commerce, Finance, Fashion & Apparel, Clean Technologies and Transportation & Logistics.

Global Trade Activities

For any kind of information regarding export import businesses, you may wish to visit and explore our Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government sites dedicated to export and import business.

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Export Import Business by Rachel Louise Barry