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We've decided to add blog texts and blog images to our Montreal BLOG, that is to our series of kits about Montreal and Montrealers.

Our goal is to build all kinds of relationships with online users from all over the world and to connect and engage you, our audience with the information we supply the contents we build and the comments you may have.

A blog that gives a voice to our kits and insights to our content.


Our goal with each of our four other web sections or kits is to describe, illustrate and share the many aspects that characterise Montreal and Montrealers.

Our goal with Montreal Blog is related to What's Your Beef? What are your problems or our's with all kinds of things related to Montreal and Montrealers.

What should we improve, modify, develop, share, copy, invent...

Anything that could or should be fixed except that your "beef" or our's must be accompanied by educated research, accurate analysis and well reasoned conclusions.


BLOG Definition

We know what interests you because we know what keywords you enter in your favorite search engine and what topics concern you when it comes to Montreal and Montrealers.

We know because we use SBI!, a complete online business builder. SBI! offers all the necessary tools including a very profitable Master Keyword List.


The MKL is where we filter, sort, delete and analyse the keywords and the keyword phrases you use to search the Web regarding all kinds of topics including those related to Montreal and Montrealers. 

Let's just say that we wish to supply each and everyone of you with the information you require, the descriptions that interest you, the knowledge you wish to acquire and the solutions you may be searching.


What is Montreal BLOG

Our goal is to supply you with most if not all the informations that interest you. Informations related to your questionings, your requests and your search queries.

Facts and evidence about us, our ways of life, our surroundings, our particularities, the way we are organized and disorganized, the impact of our two languages and so on.


In order to be profitable, information needs to be combined to education. Information alone is seldom useful and, an accumulation of information is never helpful.

What we really plan to do is promote a deeper knowledge and a finer understanding of where we live and how we live.


Montreal Kits Information

We plan on explaining, describing and providing you with all kinds of information details related to Montreal and Montrealers.

Education information that enables you to form an informed opinion based on facts and evidence and not on subjective personal experience alone.


We certainly have a lot to offer to the world and we intend to maintain a specific informative approach.

Original information sources are always considered the most reliable. Specialists are reliable information sources and so are articles written by scholars in academic or professional fields

The web is also an excellent way of finding informations although an adequate online information process requires that each information sources is properly evaluated. 


Montreal City Information

On the one hand, a kit is a set of articles or equipment as in prefabricated garage kitsdog first aid kit or bike tool kit. On the other, each of our Montreal Kits is part of a set of facts and evidence about Montreal and Montrealers.

If you're looking for information regarding hotels in montreal quebeccondominiums for sale in montreal or vegan comfort food, you will find what you need in our Montreal Urban Kit section.


You will also find keyword phrases such as import export business in Montreal Business Kithealth care professions in Montreal Professionals Kit and, if you think Montreal is an amazing island, you will definitely find detailed information in Montreal Island Kit.

Our series of Kits is designed in such a way that each kit is and will always be ready to examine, ready to use and ready to add to your collection. 

All you have to do is select the Kit that corresponds to your needs and requirements and refer to it and to any other when it is convenient for you.


Simply go with the flow, one Kit at a time and tell us about what you like and dislike using our Keep in Touch! form so we can better ourselves and serve you better.

Montreal BLOG

Montreal Blog by Rachel Louise Barry