Ville-Marie Electoral Geography

The Ville-Marie electoral geography is about the Ville-Marie each of the three electoral profiles and districts of the borough.

A division based on the socio-economic maps and profiles of the population of Ville-Marie provided by the latest Statistics Canada five-year census. A population of a little more than 87,000 citizens in 2016 and an unemployment rate of 10%.

Electoral Map

The borough of Ville-Marie ranks 10 out of 19 boroughs in terms of area, 9 in terms of population and 11 in terms of density. 

The borough is surrounded by the Outremont, Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve boroughs. It is also surrounded by the Saint-Lawrence River, Le Sud-Ouest borough, the City of Westmount and part of the Côte-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grâce borough. 


Electoral Democracy

According to the Elector's Manual provided by Élections Montréal, when the next municipal election will take place in November 2021, the residents of the Ville-Marie borough, will vote for the following electoral offices.

  • The mayor of the Ville-Marie Borough
  • Three City Councillors, one for each electoral district

A Borough Council composed of six members, one borough mayor (who is also the mayor of the City of Montreal) three City Councillors and two elected City Councillors nominated by the Mayor of the City of Montreal. 

Ville-Marie Electoral Mandate

The services offered by the Ville-Marie Borough are divided into 5 administrative groups and structures.

  • Administrative Services, Registration Services and Citizen Relations
  • Borough Planning, Coordination and Control
  • Culture, Sports, Recreation and Social Development
  • Public Works 
  • Urban Planning and Business Services 

The borough administration is, as a whole, responsible for the management of the human and material resources of Ville-Marie.


Electoral Profile

In downtown Ville-Marie, that is in the East and the West sides of University Street, poor and wealthy residential areas are neighbours.

Among the distinctive features of the Ville-Marie downtown area is the high concentration of young adults, particularly in the Peter-McGill district. A concentration that can be explained in part by a rather large presence of university students.

Another distinctive aspect of Ville-Marie is the fact that there is half as many children as there are in the whole City of Montreal. A very diverse downtown population home to a rather large number of recent immigrant families with children.  

Electoral Maps

Three polling subdivisions maps are made available by Élections Montréal to all residents, one for each of the three electoral districts of the Ville-Marie borough.