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As already mentioned, my Web Site Build It series is called Montreal Kits and is all about Montreal and Montrealers, while the present SBI! series is all about the real SBI Site Build It, not the fake one.

For those who didn't buy Site Build It yet, you probably haven't virtually met Ken Evoy Site Build It, a man of many words. The founder of Solo Build It! is indeed, very creative and very generous with advice, suggestions and guidance.    

One of his (and his team) advice I always have a problem with is "do not spend a lot of time tweaking your pages", but... I can't help it. 

I tweak  because I want my writings and my readings to be good, I tweak because I want my pages to score high and I tweak because I always feel that "just a few minor adjustments" to a sentence or a paragraph will make it perfect. 

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Tools Site Build It

Also according to Ken Evoy Site Build It, and after I pass Analyze It!  "it's far more important to create fresh original content and build a strong Web presence."

For your information, Analyze It! is my second competitive advantage. It's a tool that reminds me that my primary goal is to:

  • provide excellent content for my visitors,
  • give enough information to the search engines,
  • use synonyms, related words and phrases, and general keywords,

A combination of words and keywords that enable the search engines to "understand" what each of my pages are about, and... a reminder that my audience comes first, not the engines.

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Site Build It Action Guide

I'm French Canadian (from Montreal) and can't help but notice that acronyms are often used in English, but seldom in French. For your information, the strictest definition of an acronym is an abbreviation pronounced as a word.

In the case of Solo Build It! I was able to create the following sentence using some of their acronyms. It goes like this.

With the right BAM, and after a peek at the TOC of the SBI AG you will realise that the CTPM concept can easily be applied using SBI or SBI for WP.

Or, properly translated, it goes like this...

With the right Brains, Attitude and Motivation, and after a peek at the Table of Contents of the Solo Build It! Action Guide, you will realise that the Content, Traffic, PREselling, Monetize concept can easily be applied using Solo Build It! or Solo Build It! for Word Press.

Solo Build It!

Web Site Build It and Solo Build It!

Seriously now, have a look at the Table of Contents of the Site Build It Action Guide and simply decide if it's right for you.

In short, the Site Build It Action Guide is a 10-DAY (or weeks or months depending on your availability) Big Picture that takes you from Mastering all the important basics on DAY 1 to Monetizing on DAY 10.

It is also a unique combination of process, tools, community guidance, regular updating and support. It was and still is right for me, that's for sure, and it could be right for your too.

Solo Build It!

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