Montreal Cities Street Maps

Montreal Cities Street Maps are, in a way, about the Island of Montreal with its 19 boroughs that hold specific powers and its 15 reconstituted cities that also hold specific powers and that offer local services to the residents within their city limits.

Each Borough Council has its own budget and each borough offers direct services to its residents. Services that include cultural activities, distribution of drinking water, maintenance of public places, local parks and municipal roads, social development, sports activities and urban planning.

Each City Council in each reconstituted city also offers direct services to their residents. Taxpayers in reconstituted cities receive a separate tax bill for their part of shared agglomeration services.

The Island of Montreal officially called the Agglomeration of Montreal is governed by the Agglomeration Council. The Council offers shared services to each borough and each city and the costs of these services are shared by the tax payers in both boroughs and cities.

Montreal Cities Street Maps

The Agglomeration Council produces Montreal en statistique and provides various information such as demographic and economic profiles for each borough and each city of the Island of Montreal.

The main topics covered are employment, business establishments, household spending, residential manpower and residential construction and housing. Facts and figures that are available by subject, by territory and by map.

Let us remind you that in 2002 the Parti Québécois merged all the cities of the Island of Montreal into one mega City. In 2006 however, the Parti Libéral partially demerged the Island of Montreal into 16 cities, 15 independent cities including the very small Dorval Island and the City of Montreal divided into 19 boroughs. 

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Montreal Cities Street Maps by Rachel Louise Barry