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According to Ken Evoy, the founder of SBI!, my Site Build It! experience should be and is about "how to write about what I know and love". I can't say I know everything about Montreal, but I am certainly very curious and very interested.

I like my City. I like its ever present bilingualism. I like its four very distinct seasons and I like its boroughs and its districts. I also like the Island of Montreal, including the many fabulous bridges that surround it.

A Montreal community with its housing, local services, physical structures, power supplies, roads, sanitation, safety, transportation and many other physical and organisational facilities that demand to be recognised and analysed. 

Solo Build It!

SBI Site Build It!

Understanding Montreal and Montrealers is the main reason why I am now building informative Kits about the City and the Island of Montreal, hoping it will help some of us be more aware of what it is to be a responsible citizen.

Five kits and one subject, that is 16 cities and one Island described in collaboration with many if not all the 60,000 or so companies established in Montreal.

For your information "a kit is a set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose" therefore Montreal Business Kit is a set of pages and information needed to understand the companies established in Montreal and the Montrealers established in our surroundings. 

Solo Build It!

SBI! or Site Build It!

A good many years ago someone introduced me to SBI or Site Build It. This all-in-one, step by step system used to be called Site Build It! but now it's called Solo Build It! 

The irony is that, when it was called Site Build It! I went solo "to reset my heart, my brain and my voice" and now that it's called Solo Build It! I am looking forward to collaborate with as many "companies established in Montreal" as possible. 

Montreal Business Kit is offering clarity and visibility, along with a very territorial, very local and very precise combination of information and collaboration. 

Solo Build It!

My Site Build It! Story

The good news is, when I went back to work I was still able to put to good use the "all-in-1 package of step-by-step process, software tools, comprehensive guidance and 24/7 supportoffered by Solo Build It! aka SBI!

I only have to log in to SBI! Site Central, use one of the many SBI!s business-building functions, get the job done, go back to Site Central and get another important job done. By doing so, I constantly improve the visibility and the popularity of my Montreal Business Kit. 

If my Site Build It was not still up and around, if this very detailed, very professional SBI! ebiz building approach no longer existedI would not be able to build a profitable online business and reach this informative goal of mine.

Montreal BUSINESS Kit
Thank you for promoting My Site Build It! 

by Rachel Louise Barry