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According to Ken Evoy, the founder of SBI!, my Site Build It experience should be and definitely is about "how to write about what know and love".

I can't say I know Montreal, but I certainly love it, like it actually. I like its strengths and I like its weaknesses. I was born in Montreal and I like living here because it's home, but...

I don't know how my city works, I don't know how Montreal is organised and I'm very curious and very interested. I need to know and I need to share. 

Finding out about Montreal and Montrealers is the main reason why I am now building Kits about the City and the Island of Montreal with the help and collaboration of as many partners as possible.

Solo Build It!

SBI Site Build It

For your information "a kit is set of articles or equipment needed for a specific purpose" therefore Montreal Kits is a set of pages and information needed to understand Montreal and Montrealers. 

Five Kits and one purpose "informer les internautes sur les nombreux aspects qui caractérisent Montréal et les Montréalais".

Also for your information, in Montreal it's en français s'il-vous-plaît for 28% of us, in English please for 12% of us and, en français or in English for 58% of us Montrealers. This was in 2011, but it probably didn't change much.

Solo Build It!

SBI or Site Build It

Many years ago, I don't dare say how many, someone introduced me to SBI or Site Build It. It used to be called Site Build It! but now it's called Solo Build It! 

The greatest irony is that, when it was called Site Build It! I went solo - I needed to be alone for awhile - and now that it's called Solo Build It! I'm building a team and recruiting partners.

Montreal Kits will eventually require five teams, one team member at a time, many partners, one partner at a time and many, many web pages.

Why partners and not customers? Because Montreal Kits is offering publicity as well as visibility, along with a very territorial, very neighbourly, very precise combination of information, education and collaboration.

Solo Build It!

My Site Build It Story

Actually, I didn't do a good enough job with each of my Kits yet. The popularity and the traffic of my SBI Site Build It sites need to be increased, and more pages need to be created.

Let's just say I was busy with personal issues and that, up until recently, my desire to succeed was not "boosted" by a sufficient amount of commitment and dedication.

That's life though, work is important and so is well-being and happiness.

Solo Build It!

I had other things on my mind, but I researched a lot, practised a lot and kept everything I wrote.

Nothing ever happens for nothing and I am now very ready and very keen on taking this Montreal and Montrealers project to the top.

The goods news is, I only have to log in to SBI! Site Central, use one of the SBI!s business-building functions available, get the job done, go back to Site Central and get another job done.

If SBI Site Build It wasn't still up and around, all the good work I've done so far would have been lost for ever. 

Solo Build It!

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My Site Build It by Rachel Louise Barry